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Right of refusal

I reserve the right to refuse any commission without giving a reason for doing so.

Paintings from Photographs 

I do undertake commissions from photographs, however, for such work the photographs provided by the person commissioning the painting must be of a high quality with good detail present (e.g. the eye and hair areas, especially for portraits). If you require a painting from a photo, contact me and I'll explain exactly what I will require from you.

Paintings from sittings

As well as sketching the subject during sittings, I will normally take a number of digital photographs for reference purposes whilst painting the subject, any such photographs will be deleted on completion, or refusal, of the commission.

Pricing criteria

The cost of my paintings depends on, but is not limited to, the following criteria:

complexity of the subject matter to be drawn/painted,

number of subjects in the painting,

size of the painting

duration of work needed to complete the painting (from initial sketch/sketches through to completed painting)

Some previous commissions

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